What is PSDinfo Global (Discord)

Що таке PSDinfo Global (Discord)
Unique closed Discord community PSDinfo Global is a structured online platform divided into two levels of access, each level having its branch containing information, videos, and articles. The idea is to gather and structure the most useful information.
- By gaining access to Discord, you receive early access to all PSDinfo videos before their publication on public resources.

- Library with books.

- Opportunity to sell or purchase equipment.

- Sapper forum, Sniper forum, Instructor forum.

- Online Tribune with military experts and access to all tribunes in the form of archived recordings.

- Manuals and lesson plans for firearms training.

- Opportunity for priority enrollment in PSDinfo courses.

- Unique foreign videos with their own translation!

- Plus about 20 branches with other important information and knowledge that are constantly updated and moderated by the community administration.