Recoil buffer for AK
Recoil buffer for AK

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Recoil buffer for AK

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Polyurethane recoil buffer for AK is suitable for any weapon based on the AK platform (AK-74, AKM, FORT-201, Vulkan, Saiga-MK, Vepr Molot 12k, Saiga 12k, and other AK modifications).

The purpose of the recoil buffer is to absorb the impact from the bolt carrier. This prevents metal-to-metal contact and the formation of peening, eliminates the clatter of the bolt, and slightly softens the recoil by spreading it over time.

It is recommended to use together with a suppressor, as the buffer will reduce the excess clatter of the bolt carrier.

The AK buffer itself is made from German polyurethane, the best on the market. The buffer is guaranteed for 6000 shots. It also works well with magnum 12k cartridges, showing excellent performance without losing its properties. It is not damaged by lubricants.