Personal Security in Peacetime or
Personal Security in Peacetime or

Personal Security in Peacetime or "Advanced Approach"

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In the book "Advanced Approach," I would like to continue the theme of personal security in peacetime, with some targeted "insertions" in the form of theses about the personality of a samurai. This topic, about the first working steps of a security guard, was started in the book "Dog's Work."

In this book, we will try to address pressing professional issues for experienced security guards, senior shift supervisors, and personal security managers. We will examine principles of firearms training, learn about the differences in physical security tactics in different countries, understand what physiognomy and psychological compatibility are, and explore many other issues encountered in the daily life of a security guard.

In this book, together with my colleague Olena Sumska, we share our experience, observations, and views on some "questions" of personal security.

This book and the recommendations in it are not dogma, just as there are differences between approaches in personal security details in different security companies. However, the experience presented in this "manual" will help you properly address certain issues of the person being protected and organize their security system at the highest level!


What happens inside the "screen" of security organizations? After all, the external beautiful picture is practically the same everywhere! Beautiful cars, strong athletic guys, strict suits, and confident strides. What is hidden inside this shell? Cars can be of different brands, armored and unarmored, owned and rented. The tall athletic guys can be students without tactical training skills, hired an hour ago. Strict security guards with short haircuts may be unarmed or carrying pneumatic weapons or, in the end, fake pneumatic "toy guns." Instead of digital frequency and scrambler radios, there may be a construction "walkie-talkie." The outer shell does not always match the content! And what should the content be like, what should be the level and status of the personal security system? To this question, the strength of our defense will be answered by "his majesty chance!" Or an objective check, an "audit" by a good specialist from the outside!

"I dedicate this book primarily to the warriors, the warriors of 'good' and defenders in peacetime. I wish everyone victory in the difficult battle we prepare for all our lives. May all the theoretical knowledge you gain be useful in your practical work. May your strength of spirit grow stronger with experience, just as metal becomes stronger when tempered. Because tempering through brotherhood, tempering through patience, tempering through help is what makes up the 'Faith' of a warrior! 'Faith' in hope, 'Faith' in Higher Powers, and 'Faith' in victory. 'If God is with us! Then it does not matter who is against us!'"