Estem Everyday Disposable Shower Sponges
Estem Everyday Disposable Shower Sponges

Estem Everyday Disposable Shower Sponges

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Welcome the innovative product from the Estem brand - the Everyday set, which includes 7 shower sponges with the refreshing scent of tropical coconut! Thanks to the unique format and dermatological gel with a pH of 5.5, which the sponges are infused with, this 2-in-1 product replaces ordinary loofahs that accumulate bacteria in a moist environment, as well as a shower gel bottle. Enjoy premium daily care while saving time and resources during daily use.

Each sponge gently and effectively cleanses the skin, providing maximum comfort and rinses off with water, leaving no traces or dryness on the skin. With this set, you will forget about dangerous reusable loofahs and dispensers because it's time to switch to an innovative level of skincare!

Advantages of Estem Everyday disposable shower sponges:
1. Convenience in use, without the need for additional gel.
2. Quick rinsing and colossal water savings.
3. Pleasant to the touch sponge compared to ordinary reusable loofahs.
4. A set for the whole week, with minimal space occupied in your bathroom.
5. Hypoallergenic and safe thanks to disposable use.

- Brand: Estem;
- Country of manufacture: Ukraine;
- Purpose: for skin cleansing;
- Features: requires rinsing;
- Skin type: All skin types;
- Number of shower sponges: 7;
- Sponge size: 12x20 cm;
- Sponge material: 100% Polyester;
- Water sachet: No;
- Storage conditions: Store in a dry place at a temperature from +5°C to +25°C and relative humidity not exceeding 70%.