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A tactical pencil is a versatile assistant in any situation. It can be used with any notebooks but is recommended for use with Ecopybook Tactical notebooks.

These pencils are often called eternal, but we won't say that. The Ecopybook Tactical pencil is indeed for long-term use, let's say almost eternal. Note that nothing is truly eternal, so if it falls hard on concrete, the writing element may break. This does not affect the service life of the pencil because the tips are replaceable.

In the absence of a cold weapon, the Ecopybook Tactical Pencil can partially replace it. Combat position - the paracord loop is put on the finger. After combat use, the tip of the tactical pencil may remain in the enemy's body.


- Simple and durable
- Replaceable tip
- Can write underwater
- Long-term use pencil
- Can be used with any notebooks
- Usable in all weather conditions
- Equivalent in usage to 150 regular pencils
- Materials: body - 100% Duralumin, tip - metal and graphite alloy, loop - Paracord