RecOil® Synthetic Gun Care Lubricant
RecOil® Synthetic Gun Care Lubricant

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RecOil® Synthetic Gun Care Lubricant

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RecOil Synthetic Gun Care Lubricant is an ideal product for safe and quick cleaning, lubrication, and protection of the external and internal surfaces of mechanisms of all modern types of sporting, pneumatic, and hunting weapons of various systems.

The special composition of the synthetic oil protects the metal from external climatic and mechanical influences, helping to maintain the working condition (even in extreme conditions) of the barrel surface, trigger mechanisms, magazines, bolts, and others.

It neutralizes acidic residues from powder, removes resinous deposits, lead, copper, and tombac deposits, cleans and keeps surfaces smooth, displaces moisture, does not stick, and does not react with other substances. Safe for use with polymers, it does not become viscous and does not lose its properties at extreme temperatures. Before use, check the compatibility of the product with the surface to be cleaned.


  1. Before removing lead and copper deposits, tombac, and fouling, clean the surface of various types of contaminants: moisture, grease, residues of cleaning agents or preservatives previously used, as well as mechanical particles of dirt, dust, powder residues, etc.

Moisten the surface to be cleaned with oil using a patch or cloth, removing mechanical contaminants.

2. Wait 3-5 minutes and clean with a special gun brush or brush.

  1. To clean, degrease the surface, or remove dirt from hard-to-reach places, it is recommended to use RecOil aerosol cleaner-degreaser or for persistent fouling with soot — RecOil carbon and fouling remover.
  2. Wipe the surface dry.
  3. Before use, shake the can well and spray the oil directly onto the metal, cloth, or any other used surface, then spread it out.
  4. Remove excess oil from the lubricated surface with a cloth, leaving only a protective film. Remove oil from wooden, rubber, and plastic surfaces to prevent softening. Thanks to the special valve, the product can be sprayed in any position. If necessary, refer to your weapon's user manual.

Precautions: Remove oil from wooden, rubber, and plastic surfaces to prevent softening.

Volume: 200ml