New educational video series on Firearms Training!

Новий навчально-методичний відео цикл з Вогневої підготовки!
For PSDinfo Academy subscribers on Patreon and Discord, a new educational video series on firearms training is now available.
This firearms training enables mastering 80% of all small arms in the world. The video series consists of various educational videos that include instructions, practical exercises, procedures, an instructor's guide for conducting sessions, and much more.
The goal of this video series is to preserve and transmit knowledge, as it is impossible to physically conduct training for everyone. Therefore, this video format serves as a solution to become an instructor for anyone, regardless of their location.
Step-by-Step Tactical Shooting System (STS) is an experimental Ukrainian firearms training system developed by the PSDinfo team for military personnel and territorial defense forces. It consists of a step-by-step structured program, where each subsequent module expands the skills acquired in the previous stage.