The first stage of the winter training has been completed.

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Перший етап в рамках зимової підготовки завершено.

During the course of 3 weeks, 9 firearms courses were conducted for servicemen and participants of the PSDinfo Global community.

Courses conducted:
Beginner Course: where individuals without prior firearm experience mastered necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills during firearms exercises at the front line. Your ability to master complex techniques and maintain high concentration levels during shooting demonstrates your dedication and focus on independent training and acquiring one of the most important skills, firearm proficiency.

Modules 1-2-3 courses: where fighters and community participants performed and assimilated more complex elements of firearms exercises.

Automatic Fire" course: where fighters reinforced their ability to control weapons during automatic fire and their ability to deliver dense fire impact on targets while maintaining accuracy and fire density.

Success in the firearms course is a key step in your professional development and demonstrates your readiness for further challenges. Not only have you enhanced your skills, but you've also demonstrated the ability to learn and adapt.

Announcements for the next January stage of training will be published in the PSDinfo Global Discord.

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