PSDinfo - 5 years!

PSDinfo - 5 років!

PSDinfo - 5 years!

On December 18, 2018, the community was founded and the PSDinfo Telegram channel was created. Since its inception, the community has become a symbol of professionalism and dedication to its cause.

Over the past five years, we have created not just a community, but a true "action hub" - where information and knowledge become powerful and effective tools for every member of the community.

During the existence of the community, thousands of educational articles have been written, and thousands of military and civilian individuals have been trained in various military disciplines.

During the war, with the efforts of the community and its participants, a substantial amount of assistance was collected and directed to the military: vehicles, thermal imaging scopes, and various types of equipment necessary for the troops. Additionally, websites, a YouTube channel, and an educational online institution, Discord PSDinfo Global, were created. All of this brings together hundreds of thousands of conscious citizens of our country who, through their actions rather than just words, defend the country from the enemy.

Consciousness, Unity, Preparation, Expertise in the knowledge of one's craft.

Thank you for your trust, strength, and support!

PSDinfo - To BE a PRO!